YÙ is mandarin for jade and symbolizes the high-quality gemstones that are both the basis and the specialty of the YÙ series.


YÙ Beauty Stone Treatments combine the effective facial massage with the potent power of high-quality gemstones of the highest quality. The high quality of the gemstones is rare and makes the YÙ products so special.



Massage with precious stones has a tradition going back thousands of years: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one of the oldest medical systems in the world, mentions massage and lymphatic drainage with precious stones as a means of tui na (massage) around the 8 principles of TCM in the body to bring into balance.


The history of the Face Roller is also interesting: As a royal beauty secret that dates back to the 7th century in Asia, it was only up to the rulers to care for and beautify their skin with precious stones, primarily jade.


YÙ has refined and reinterpreted this technique in a modernized way:




YÙ Beauty facial rollers stimulate the skin with lymphatic drainage. This detoxifies and visibly improves the house structure and appearance.



For YÙ, the quality of the raw gemstones and their processing is the top priority. All raw gemstones are extracted from the highest quality minerals of the mining areas; the selection of the blocks and which part of the blocks is used for the products is therefore the first priority. 

Our jade comes from Xiyuan Manchu, an area where the raw stone is traditionally mined professionally. It is then processed with traditional know-how and care. YÙ Jade in Grade A+++ quality is neither subjected to a chemical dyeing process nor are chemical polymer injections used.
South Africa is the mining area of our rose quartz. 

The naturally intense rosy colour is a quality feature and the varying colour and structure variations are a sign of its authenticity and naturalness. The processing of the A+++ stone quality is purely manual, and takes place completely without the use of additives - of natural or synthetic origin.

Jahrelang suchte YÙ Beauty Gründern Dr. Anna Mandozzi nach dem
perfekten Pinsel, um Masken sparsamer, besser und ohne
Produktverlust aufzutragen. Da sie nicht fündig wurde, entwickelte sie
das perfekte Beauty-Tool kurzerhand selbst: Es hilft, Gesichtsmasken
jeder Textur sparsam aufzutragen und abzunehmen
(keine Reste
am Finger, im Waschbecken oder im Tiegel), ermöglicht perfekt
gleichmäßiges Auftragen
auch an schwer zugänglichen Stellen
(etwa um die Nasenlöcher, was Produkt spart) und hilft, sie von der
Haut zu entfernen, ohne die Haut zu reizen (z. B. durch Reiben).

Der Double Masque Applicator verfügt über einen Bürstenkopf sowie einen einzigartigen Silikonapplikatorkopf. Jede Textur kann aufgenommen und direkt aufgetragen werden. Synthetische Borstenstellen sicher, dass Produkt oder Feuchtigkeit nicht davon absorbiert werden.

Special tool: double mask brush with applicator