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Basic application

How to use a face roller?

1. place the stone on the lower edge of the chin and roll it down over the neck. Start on one side and work towards the other side step by step. 


2. then move over to the face and stroke outwards and upwards from the middle of the face to the forehead. This supports the intensive detoxification of the lymphatic fluid.

3. for the massage of the eye area, place the stone next to the bridge of the nose and move it outwards in a straight line under the eyes.

The weight of the YÙ products is completely sufficient, additional pressure is not recommended. To enjoy all the benefits of lymphatic massage on the skin, perform the massage on clean, dry skin. Depending on your needs in the morning and/or evening for 5-10 minutes each.

More intensive effect

YÙ Face Rollers can also be used to work skin care products - such as serums, oils and masks - into the skin more effectively. These are better absorbed by the skin and the effect is intensified.


Put your YÙ product in the refrigerator before use to intensify the decongesting, cooling effect on the skin.


Clean the stone under clear, running water after each application. Dab with a soft cloth or let it air dry. This gentle cleaning process preserves the delicate texture of the gemstones for a particularly long time.


Due to the natural light density and softness of rose quartz, it should be used with extreme care.


We'll show you one effective anti-aging applicationwith the face roller from YÙ BEAUTY.


You can use this application with aJade roller or face roller made of rose quartzmake.

  • Wrinkles are reduced 

  • tightens facial contours 

  • improves skin tone 

  • stimulates microcirculation & collagen production 


  • intensive stimulation of skin functions and lymph flow 

  • strong stimulation of the microcirculation 

  • has a detoxifying, strengthening, stimulating effect  

  • strengthens the skin

  • Improves skin texture & skin tone 


  • stimulates the lymph flow

  • transports slag away

  • Dark circles are reduced

  • strengthens the skin

  • improves the complexion

5 tips for lymphatic drainage

  • (1) stimulate the chest area by tapping it 

  • (2) after each line on the face follows a line behind the ear 

  • (3) drink water before and after use

  • (4) How does saliva develop?

  • (5) deep breathing helps relaxation

Jade or Rose Quartz? 

  • Decidebased on these criteria:

    • whiche rollerform is more comfortable for face shape?​

    • Which stone is the most beneficial?

  • Jade: cooling and rainerating, ideal for mature skin

  • Rose Quartz: a soft stone that is especially good for sensitive/inflamed skin

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