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For YÙ, the quality of the raw gemstones and their processing is top priority.
All raw gemstones are extracted from the highest quality minerals in the mining areas:

Our jade

Jade is from Xiyuan Manchu, an area in which the
raw material is traditionally mined professionally .
Then this is with the know-how and care processed. YÙ jade in grade A +++ quality is not subjected to a chemical dyeing process,
nor are chemical polymer injections used.

Jade has a regenerating, cooling and supports the anti-aging effect lymphatic drainage.

Our rose quartz

South Africa is the mining area for YÙ rose quartz . The naturally intense rosy color is a quality feature. The varying color and structure variations are a sign of its naturalness .

Grade A +++ stone quality is processed purely manually and completely without the use of additives (natural or synthetic).

Sensitive, inflamed and pale skin particularly benefits from rose quartz.

Grade A +++ quality

Our stones are examined by gemmologists for the following characteristics:







Only if these criteria are met, the stones are approved for the production:

As an example: The SiO2 content of our rose quartz and its cold-pink color are examined. Yellow colored veins or only very pale pink quartz veins have no grade A +++ quality and are therefore not used in our production.

Exclusively handmade:

From the selection of the stone until the final assembly and quality control

Founder Dr. Anna Mandozzi
examines raw rose quartz the production site

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