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  • Almost exclusively a white label market

  • Brands usually have no insight where their stones are obtained from and whether the procurement process is fair and free of child labor (if real stones are used at all).

  • Many rollers on the market are not made of real stones. Common materials are "reconstituted stones" (powder from quartz or minerals, mixed with plastics for an attractive look and feel); glass or quartz, which are mixed with polymers, colors and adhesives so that they look and feel like gemstones.


  • The (precious) stone trade is notoriously non-transparent and unethical and is mainly operated by middlemen and groups who prefer to stay in the dark and only use the market as a means of making money. NGOs estimate that terrorist groups earn $ 2 million a year from stone trading.

YÙ is Different

  • We know where our stones come from

  • The stones are bought directly from the mines, no unknown middlemen.

  • Transparency from the procurement of the stones to the finished product

  • We can guarantee the quality of our authentic Grade A +++ gemstones

  • No child labor, but fair wages

  • Regular exams carried out by official bodies as well as ourselves

  • Regular visits and very close contact to our local partners

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