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Apply masks easily & sparingly:


The double mask brush from YÙ Beauty


The YÙ Beauty double mask brush was developed for professional preparation, application and removal of facial masks of any texture. Out of a need of the founder, Dr. Anna Mandozzi, the YÙ double mask brush was created to make masks at home much easier, more effective and also more economical - a “mask-have” for mask lovers.
In short: With the YÙ Beauty double mask brush, masks can be applied more easily and economically.


1. Economical: Better mixing and picking up

The applicator end is suitable for removing all masks directly from the jar, as well as for mixing powder and customizable masks. This not only simplifies the preparations, but also avoids unnecessary product loss.
Saving tip: There is significantly less product sticking to the finger or the container.


2. Easy application of all textures

The brush side is ideal for cream and gel masks: even liquid-gel textures are well absorbed and applied without drops. The applicator end is particularly suitable for applying clay masks and masks with a thicker texture.


3. Remove masks with the applicator

After the exposure time, mask residues can be easily removed with the applicator without irritating the skin by rubbing or pulling.


Cleaning tips

Clean the mask brush under running water. Gently press the end of the brush to squeeze out excess water and let it air dry. When the brush is completely dry, you can use the case for storage, gladly together with several brushes. This is particularly practical when traveling and saves resources.

YÙ double-brush with applicator for face masks

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