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Face roller made of amethyst by YÙ Beauty - a must-have among beauty tools


  • Double roller for face and eyes
  • Lymphatic drainage effect
  • Effect: builds on the skin structure, counteracts swelling and small wrinkles, cools.
  • Quality: Amethyst Grade A+++


Amethyst is a quartz that is formed in volcanic rock. Hildegard von Bingen used amethyst for skin problems 1000 years ago:

- Burns, abrasions, sunburn

- Inflammation of various kinds

- Acne, blemishes


Amethysts are also traditionally used: for energy balancing, for deeper sleep and for pain relief. The amethyst is attributed to the crown chakra. In the healing stone theory, the amethyst promotes concentration and intuition and relieves fear and stress.


Application Place the stone on the lower edge of the chin and roll down over the neck. Start on one side and work your way to the other side step by step. Then move onto the face and sweep outwards from the center of the face and up to the forehead. This supports the intensively detoxifying drainage of the lymphatic fluid.


To massage the eye area, place the stone next to the bridge of the nose and move outwards in a straight line under the eyes. The weight of the YÙ products is sufficient, additional pressure is not recommended. To enjoy all the benefits of lymphatic massage on the skin, perform the massage on clean, dry skin. Depending on your needs, in the morning and/or in the evening for 5-10 minutes each.


Cleaning : Clean the stone under clear, running water after each use. Pat dry with a soft cloth or allow to air dry. This gentle cleaning preserves the delicate nature of the gemstones for a particularly long time.

Use in combination with care products : YÙ Face Roller can also be used to work care products such as serums, oils and masks more effectively into the skin. These are better absorbed by the skin and the effect is increased.


Application : In this video, our Anna shows you how to carry out a detox treatment with a YÙ Beauty Roller.  


YÙ Beauty  face roller:

Sustainable, ethical & fair YÙ Beauty attaches great importance to sustainability and fair framework conditions and therefore cooperates closely with local suppliers in the mining areas. Carefully crafted, the jade is not chemically dyed or treated with polymer injections . No synthetic or natural additives are added to YÙ Beauty's raw gemstones .


  • Working with specific mining mines to control quality and fairness
  • Won, traded and processed with fair wages
  • Mining and processing guaranteed without child labor
  • Regular inspections (audits) of the business premises by government agencies
  • Personal visits on site
  • Buying raw stones directly from the mine by only legitimate companies - no illegal intermediaries, no unknown intermediaries or steps
  • Exclusively transparent steps from mining to processing

YÙ BEAUTY Amethyst Double Face Roller

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