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Brush away: YÙ Beauty Facial brush for thorough & pore-deep cleaning


  • intensifies facial cleansing
  • gently removes dead skin cells
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • makes the skin appear fresher and more radiant


Facial brushes are an obligatory beauty tool that is part of the standard care equipment for many people. BIOMAZING favorite is the extra-gentle YÙ Beauty facial brush for cleaning.


The elegant brush has ultra-soft bristles and enables intensive deep cleaning. It is therefore perfect for every skin type and skin condition, including irritated and extremely sensitive skin. The gentle massage with the YÙ Beauty facial brush stimulates blood circulation in the treated areas. It stimulates the microcirculation and thus the production of collagen. The complexion becomes clearer and irritations, acne and blackheads are visibly reduced. The treatment also makes the facial skin significantly smoother and more supple. The skin appears younger and healthier. Hyperpigmentation is also reduced.


After cleaning with the facial brush, care products are better and faster absorbed.


Application:  First remove make-up as usual. Then apply a gentle cleanser directly to the skin or the brush and massage the skin in circular movements: first the nose, then the forehead, finally the cheeks and chin. Always move the brush in circular movements from the inside to the outside.
Rinse the facial brush thoroughly after each use.
Ideal application frequency: 2-3x per week.

YÙ BEAUTY Extra Gentle Face Brush (cream)

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