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Gua Sha massage for face & body


How does the massage with the YÙ BEAUTY Gua Sha work?

✅ Effect by massaging the fiber tissue ✅ stimulates blood flow and microcirculation ✅ entgiftet ✅ reduces skin aging and swelling ✅ supports the elasticity of the skin ✅ effect: lifting, detoxifying, depending on the application; relaxes and regenerates the skin tone


Is the Gua Sha right for me?

  • Gua massage tool for face, neck and body
  • Skin type: any skin type
  • Quality: Grade A+++ real lapis lazuli


Ever since leading beauty magazines such as Vogue and Elle reported on the positive effects of the treatment , Gua Sha has been on everyone's lips. However, the exotic massage with precious stones has a very long tradition: the practice of Gua Sha comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been used to treat countless diseases for thousands of years. The relaxing beauty treatments with gemstones have long been a privilege reserved only for rulers. With the  YÙ Beauty Gua Sha scraper made of lapis lazuli, a touch of luxury is affordable for everyone. The high-quality stone is perfect for massaging the face and body thanks to its handy format. Using lymphatic drainage, it stimulates the skin and thus ensures a healthier and younger appearance.



In this video , our Anna shows you how to use the Gua Sha massage stone correctly.


Genuine lapis lazuli stone 

For YÙ Beauty   the high quality and purity of the processed gemstones is essential. Therefore, every single batch of processed lapis lazuli is checked for authenticity by an independent laboratory and checked for quality during production. This makes YÙ BEAUTY the only manufacturer of a verified genuine lapis lazuli face tool . Lapis lazli literally means "blue stone". It consists of the minerals lazurite, cafcite, pyrite, diopside and sodalite. Cleopatra, Napoleon and other rulers worshiped it, and traditionally lapis lazuli is said to have a calming and antispasmodic effect. It should also prevent skin diseases and strengthen self-confidence and standing up for one's own opinion. The lapis lazuli is assigned to the brow chakra. According to the healing stone knowledge, it has these effects on mind and soul: strengthened decision-making power, a strengthened view of the essentials and promoted concentration. Hold the lapis lazuli under clear water to clean it, do not put it in the sun.


YÙ BEAUTY Gua Sha: Fairly produced & 100% natural

YÙ Beauty attaches great importance to fair and natural production methods. The Gua Sha scraper is therefore 100% natural and processed by hand with the greatest possible care. No synthetic or natural additives, chemical coloring agents or polymer injections are added to the lapis lazuli. Fairness and sustainability are the focus for everyone involved along the entire supply chain.

YÙ BEAUTY Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha Beauty Stone

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