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For facial massages and lymphatic drainage: lapis lazuli massage mushroom

  • Made from real lapis lazuli
  • Convenient and compact shape
  • For face and body


YÙ BEAUTY is known for sustainably produced beauty tools inspired by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The massage mushroom made of lapis lazuli is an excellent, versatile massage tool for the face and body.



Made from real lapis lazuli - a natural massage tool

Lapis lazuli: Its intense blue color and the golden shimmer it often seems to enclose have fascinated people since ancient times. As a royal gem, it was processed into jewelry and later also used in art as a pigment.


The massage mushroom from YÙ BEAUTY consists of real lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is formed when lime becomes marble - this is called metamorphic transformation. A mixture of different minerals, including sulfur and dolomite, gives lapis lazuli its characteristic color. Pyrite inclusions provide the fine shimmer.


Incidentally, according to traditional healing stone knowledge, lapis lazuli should above all appeal to the spirit, create harmony and inspire. It is supposed to relieve fears and strengthen self-confidence.


It is easy to use : Lubricate the area to be massaged with oil so that the stone can slide easily.  Grip the massage mushroom comfortably and let it slide over tense muscles on the body or gently along the lymphatic channels on the face . Always work with the gem's own weight; never push down.

YÙ BEAUTY Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha Mushroom

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