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Natural skin cleansing with the YÙ Loofah sponge


- Can be used dry & moist - Pure natural sponge, also suitable for very sensitive skin - Suitable for lathering & cleaning Hands up, if you want to bathe with a pumpkin! ;-) The YÙ sponge brush is equipped with a natural sponge made from the so-called sponge gourd or loofah gourd. Loofah (or luffa) is an ancient crop. The YÙ Loofah natural sponge consists exclusively of the dried inner parts of the Loofah pumpkin and is 100% natural. This is precisely why using the Loofah sponge on normal and sensitive skin is ideal.



YÙ Loofah natural sponge for a gentle but thorough cleaning


The pleasant massage with the YÙ natural sponge improves blood circulation in the skin and leads to an improved complexion. The Loofah sponge gently but thoroughly cleanses the skin and carefully removes all dead skin cells. Skin impurities can thus be alleviated in the long term. Small razor bumps or pimples on the back and all over the body are visibly reduced. The pure body care tool feels completely natural and simply pleasant on the skin. Unlike ordinary sponges, the YÙ Loofah Natural Sponge has a comfortable handle that allows for gentle lathering and greater flexibility. It is therefore also ideal for people with restricted mobility or for pregnant women. The wondrous sponge brush is also excellent for treating calluses on the feet. However, it should be dry for this.



Soak the YÙ Loofah natural sponge completely with water. Massage the skin with gentle pressure in circular movements. Combine with peeling or other care products if necessary. After use, rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.

YÙ BEAUTY Loofah natural sponge brush

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