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Healthy skin & increased well-being with the YÙ Beauty dry brush

  • the practical handle simplifies the massage of hard-to-reach areas
  • promotes microcirculation and helps to reduce cellulite
  • detox effect
  • smoothes and visibly improves the complexion


The so-called "dry brushing" is a simple and effective way body and skin health to support. The treatment with the body care tool works has a positive effect on the complexion and on physical and mental well-being. The massage with the dry brush stimulates the lymphatic system . In the course of this, the body's own detoxification and purification   are also boosted. Dry brushing is said to be particularly effective against cellulite. With regular use, circulatory fluctuations are reduced and the quality of sleep is improved. Acute stress-related symptoms such as headaches, nervousness and fatigue can also be alleviated.


The massage with the YÙ Beauty dry brush with handle leads to a smoothing and toning of the skin . It also gains increasing elasticity and suppleness, the connective tissue is strengthened and appears smoother as a result. On the surface of the skin, the YÙ Beauty dry brush shows a pleasant peeling effect. This allows dead skin cells to be removed and blemishes to be alleviated.


Top body brush from natural production

The YÙ Beauty dry brush with handle is made of pure natural fibers and wood. For the manufacturer, an ecological and fair production method is a real concern. Therefore YÙ Beauty does not use synthetic ingredients at all and ensures fair working conditions along the entire supply chain.
Sustainability and user-friendliness also play an important role. The handle makes it easier to massage hard-to-reach areas. Unlike the dry brush with massage nubs, this brush can be used with or without a handle, as needed.



Proceed from bottom to top and from right to left. Brush over dry skin in circular motions. When dry brushing, do not press too hard, just apply light pressure. If necessary, the intensity can be increased over time. Take a shower after the massage. A contrast shower supports the lymphatic system best. Allow at least two days between two massage treatments.

YÙ BEAUTY dry brush with handle, pure natural bristles

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