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  • strategic massage nubs for a more intense effect 

  • promotes microcirculation and helps to reduce cellulite 

  • Detoxification effect 


The massage with the YÙ Beauty dry brush stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the connective tissue and helps to minimize cellulite. The skin appears fresher and healthier. Regular use can even prevent circulatory fluctuations and high blood pressure and improve sleep.


The dry brushing : 

  • activates the lymphatic system and promotes purification and detoxification 

  • frees the skin from dead skin cells

  • visibly smoothes and improves the complexion 


After dry brushing, the skin is particularly well supplied with blood and the pores are open. It is therefore the perfect preparation for further care. For example, a warm bath with nourishing oils or a cool shower that closes the pores and tightens the connective tissue is ideal.


ATTENTION : People with skin diseases or skin irritations such as sunburn or varicose veins should approach dry brushing with care, as the skin here only tolerates very gentle care.

YÙ BEAUTY round dry brush for the connective tissue

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