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Health tradition dating back thousands of years


Massage with precious stones has a tradition going back thousands of years: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one of the oldest medical systems in the world, mentions massage and lymphatic drainage with precious stones as a means of tui na (massage) around the 8 principles of TCM in the body to bring into balance.

YÙ Beauty Stone Treatments stimulate the skin with lymphatic drainage and thus visibly improve its appearance.


Rose quartz in A +++ quality
For YÙ, the quality of the raw gemstones and their processing is top priority. All raw gemstones are extracted from the highest quality minerals in the mining areas; the selection of the blocks and which part of the blocks is used for the products is the first priority. The high quality of the gemstones is rare and makes the YÙ products so special.


YÙ Beauty Stone Treatments work effectively on the skin:

  • Improvement of the complexion
    Blemishes are alleviated, the skin tone balanced. The complexion is more balanced, radiant and tender.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin structure
    The application stimulates the collagen production of the skin, reduces fine lines and counteracts pale skin.
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Definition of facial features
    The lymphatic drainage mainly affects the lower part of the face and the neck and makes them look slimmer.
  • Tensions are released
  • Use on temples and jaw muscles is particularly recommended for TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint-Disease) complaints.
  • Care products can be better absorbed
  • Alleviation of dark circles, swollen and tired eyes
  • Improvement of sinus problems (up to sinus infections): Moisten a soft cloth with hot water and put it on the forehead, eyes and cheekbones. Place the face roller above the eyebrows and roll down to the root of the nose; then roll along the orbital bone to the temple and then roll down below the cheekbones.

Application Place the stone on the lower edge of the chin and roll it down over the neck. Start on one side and work step by step on the other side. Then go over to the face and stroke from the center of the face outwards and up to the forehead. This supports the intensely detoxifying drainage of the lymphatic fluid.

To massage the area around the eyes, place the stone next to the bridge of the nose and lead outwards in a straight line under the eyes.

The weight of the YÙ products is sufficient, additional pressure is not recommended.

To enjoy all the benefits of lymphatic massage on the skin, perform the massage on clean, dry skin. Depending on requirements, in the morning and / or in the evening for 5-10 minutes each.

More intensive effects YÙ Face Roller can also be used to incorporate care products such as serums, oils and masks more effectively into the skin. These are better absorbed by the skin and the effect is enhanced.

TIP YÙ products in the refrigerator before use to intensify the decongestant, cooling effect on the skin.

YÙ rose quartz facial roller

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