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YÙ Beauty rose quartz face roller from ethical production

  • Roller for the face and neck
  • Skin type: sensitive, sallow, irritated skin
  • Effect through lymphatic drainage
  • Effect: has a balancing, harmonizing and calming effect
  • Quality: Grade A +++ rose quartz from South Africa

Behind the trendy beauty tools, the face rollers, there is a tradition that has been known since ancient times: In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), healing stones and precious stones have been used for thousands of years as a means of the so-called Tuina massage . This is a particularly effective and soothing massage and one of the five main pillars of TCM .
The high-quality gemstone rollers from YÙ Beauty stimulate the skin by means of lymphatic drainage and thus activate the body's cleansing and regeneration processes . This visibly improves the appearance of the skin. At the same time, the pleasant treatment with the face roller has a totally relaxing effect on mind and body.

Lymphatic drainage using the rose quartz face roller also has many other positive effects: For example, tension can be relieved, especially by using it on the temples and jaw muscles. Dark circles and sinus complaints (up to sinusitis) can be alleviated.

This is how Face Rollers work effectively on the skin:

  • Improvement of the complexion
    • Skin imperfections are reduced and the skin tone is balanced. The complexion is more balanced, radiant and softer.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin structure
    • The application stimulates the skin's collagen production, reduces fine lines and counteracts pale skin.
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Definition of facial features
    • The lymphatic drainage mainly affects the lower part of the face and the neck, making them appear slimmer.
  • Tensions are released
    • Use on the temples and jaw muscles is particularly recommended for TMJ (Temporo-mandibular-Joint-Disease) complaints.
  • Care products are better absorbed
  • Reduction of dark circles , puffy and tired eyes
  • Improvement of sinus discomfort (up to sinus infections)

YÙ Beauty face roller: Sustainable, ethical & fair

YÙ Beauty attaches great importance to sustainability and fair framework conditions and therefore cooperates closely with local suppliers in the mining areas. The carefully handcrafted jade is neither chemically colored nor treated with polymer injections . No synthetic or natural additives are added to the raw gemstones from YÙ Beauty.

  • Cooperation with certain mining mines to control quality and fairness
  • Won, traded and processed with fair wages
  • Mining and processing guaranteed without child labor
  • Regular audits of the operating facilities by government agencies
  • Personal on-site visits
  • Direct purchase of the rough stones from the mine by exclusively legal companies - no illegal negotiators, no unknown middlemen or steps
  • Exclusively transparent steps from dismantling to processing

More intensive effect: YÙ Face Rollers can also be used to work care products such as serums, oils and masks more effectively into the skin. These are better absorbed by the skin and the effect is intensified.

TIP: Place YÙ products in the refrigerator before use to intensify the decongestant, cooling effect on the skin.

Cleaning : Clean the stone after each use under clear, running water. Dab with a soft cloth or allow to air dry. This gentle cleaning preserves the delicate nature of the gemstones for a particularly long time.

YÙ rose quartz double face roller

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